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Meta Tags for SEO Purposes

Meta tags are HTML or XHTML elements used in the structure of web pages to provide metadata about the page. They are placed within the section of an HTML or XHTML document More »

How to create html links on wordpress

Create HTML Links Properly in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to add links in your content to other pages on your website and to pages on other websites. However, there are right and wrong ways to do things. More »

Website Design Guidelines

PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. Surprisingly, most sites use ability to work as a content management system to monitor More »

Adobe designer tools

Adobe’s Other Web Designing Tools

There are many popular tools used in web designing as a means to make it easier for designers to design a website. And some of the most popular tools were developed by More »

SEO For Your Website

Seo Guide For Meta Tags Information

Each people concentrate on content from the site and also on the style & design of the site. This is good for increase the popularity of the site. But if they look More »

Star Wars take over San Francisco

starwars in San Francisco

Death Star Destroys Enterprise, troops invade San Francisco to take over.

Bumblebee is that you?

bumblebee is that you

If you love transformers, you’ll love this. My next car will be a Bright Yellow CAmaro with Black racing stripes.

Cardboard Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

Most of us geeks love movies like this, Star wars, Matrix…

Here the guys at Cinefix made their own version of the battle scene from The Empire Strikes Back. They used cardboard and tons of creativity, imagination and fun.

Here it is.

Send articles out to magazine publishers

One classic way to create traffic to your company’s website is by sending articles to magazine publishers. You might be wondering why, simple because publishers are always trying to find new things to talk about, to write about, to re write, something new, new product, new service.. that’s how they get people interested, engaged… this becomes an opportunity for many business that are looking for a good opportunity to expose their products and services.

How do you do this? Simple participate on an event and donate something, this will catch people’s eyes. Every time companies give back to the community this goes to news, emails, articles, facebook likes, tweets… it can become viral. Take pictures of the event, share them on your company’s facebook, people love to tag themselves (this creates a backlink to your company’s facebook and to your website). Take advantage of all these options.

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