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Meta Tags for SEO Purposes

Meta tags are HTML or XHTML elements used in the structure of web pages to provide metadata about the page. They are placed within the section of an HTML or XHTML document More »

How to create html links on wordpress

Create HTML Links Properly in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to add links in your content to other pages on your website and to pages on other websites. However, there are right and wrong ways to do things. More »

Website Design Guidelines

PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. Surprisingly, most sites use ability to work as a content management system to monitor More »

Adobe designer tools

Adobe’s Other Web Designing Tools

There are many popular tools used in web designing as a means to make it easier for designers to design a website. And some of the most popular tools were developed by More »

SEO For Your Website

Seo Guide For Meta Tags Information

Each people concentrate on content from the site and also on the style & design of the site. This is good for increase the popularity of the site. But if they look More »

Learn How to rank better on Google

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A better rank on Google translates into more traffic, more visits, new customers, new contacts and more business opportunities. This video explains everything you need to know to improve your current website, get noticed and get the traffic you were looking for.

Learn White Hat SEO

SEO search engine optimization

This is a must watch video to have a better understanding about White Hat SEO. This video will answer most common question you might have about this topic. Enjoy.

How to Get More Google Plus Ones

google tools

by Shore Crane

How to Get More Google Plus Ones
Google Plus is Google+ is latest innovation to incorporate social media and networking into their search engine. Google Plus is all about the user, what they like and don’t like, and the different features that interest them the most. Google Plus is trying to compete with different social networks such as Facebook to bring in more users to share with their search engine. How Google Plus is competing with Facebook is by adding the Plus One feature to their Google Plus program. The Google Plus One feature works like the Facebook’s button does and allows the users of this program to share a link with their friends and contacts.

Have A Look At Google Plus and Its Features

Marketing with Google

by wills jhyughe

This is actually the revolutionary era in social media market. Now Finally the technology giant Google has announced it’s social networking site and that is “Google Plus” The service launched within an invite only testing phase. In starting you were permitted to invite their friends who are of above 18 years of age (For Google it had been a “field test” not really a “beta”) but later on this condition was suspended because of immense demand for the accounts by the people.

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